Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne image

Im trying to make an image of Warcraft 3 exapsnion, Frozen Throne. I tried using Clone CD and Alcohol 120 and when it’s copying there are no read errors. When I mount the image, the menu comes up, and I select “play the game” It loads up, and I see the little disc spinning (the iso cursor thing) but after about 5 seconds of that, it says please insert the disc. Wut am i doing wrong, or not doing? thx

Use alcohol with securom new (4.x/5.x) datatype settings to make the image if you want to run it from a virtual drive.

Thanks a lot, it worked. I was also wondering, is there a program that can tell u what type of copy protection the disc you are trying to copy has?

^ A-Ray scanner or Protection ID. However, note that often you have to scan the installation directory on your hard drive to get an accurate determination of the copy protection used.

Use a crack