WarCraft 3 copy

Hello, I’m new here… but I’ve been at a lot of forums before, so I know how things work. I have a general question about copying warcraft3. I bought warcraft3 about 2 weeks ago… works great, but I tried to make a copy of it for my little brother and the copy (using nero express cd copy) copied without a problem. When I installed and tried to run WC3 on his PC, it gave me an error.

I read couple of things regarding copying wc3 using some program called alcohol 120%.

I downloaded a trial ver of it, but it wouldnt work on my pc for some reason. I do have a brand new custom build pc which is really nice. So please help or some imput would help me out.

Thanks a lot!


Welcome servant :),

you’re not able to install alcohol? It won’t start? Can you be a bit more precise.

, but it wouldnt work on my pc for some reason

the copy?
as far as i know warcraft 3 is securom 4.68
you can make a image by using securom new* (4.x/5.x) settings in alcohol120%
your brother could load this image then using dameon-tools (with securom emulation) enabled
if you want to burn it tell us wich bruner you have

the above describes the twinpeak method and plex prem methode to burn securom protected games
however its for blindwrite suite(another burn software)
but you can use alcohol120% too with twinpeak/twinsector methode
choose Securom new profile (save it as ccd) read@4x download a bwa for wc3
and use twinpeak/twinsector to patch the image or make a mds from wc3 cd using securom *new (4.x/5.x) burn again using securom *new settings @4x speed

xSMOKEx you’re right Warcraft 3 (1.00-1.04) uses SecuROM 4.68.xxx. You don’t have to choose Alcohol’s SecuROM 4/5 profile as it has to be used for SecuROM 4.8+ versions. Instead just use the SecuROM *NEW profile and you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the fast reply guys/gals. I really appreciate your help.

I got it to install (never used it) and it sais my evaluation has expired (test trial version). I contacted the software developer and they said that it’s a bug they have which they will fix but not now. But he told me that if I purchase the real version, it will work. I don’t have the money to purchase it if I’m only going to use it ones. Is there anyway someone can lend me a copy of Alcohol 120% just to burn this cd?

Also you guys asked for me cd info… I don’t know exactly what model it is but to my best knowledge it’s a

‘HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE - 8525B’ ; it;s a LG 52x32x52 CDRW

Hope that helps, and I hope some1 helps me.



According to your descibed problem I would recommend using CloneCD www.slysoft.com they are also offering a free trial of 30 days if I’m not wrong. Then you can either use the ‘Protected PC Game’ profile or the SecuROM profile for reading and writing. Unpack the profiles to your …Slysoft/CloneCD/Profiles directory, I think your LG won’t have any problems to create a succesful backup. Good luck :).

p.s. you got to enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ if you’re running the game from your LG CDRW!

Hmm I’m not too computer literite, can any1 give me step by step instructions on how to copy the cd?

  1. get CloneCD www.slysoft.com and install it
  2. choose ‘Protected PC Game’ profile for dumping the image using your original
  3. choose ‘Protected PC Game’ profile for burning your dumped image
  4. enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ in CloneCD’s tray icon
  5. play the game :slight_smile:

p.s. using the ‘SecuROM’ profile is exactly the same procedure, except choosing ‘SecuROM’ profile for step 2 and 3 instead of ‘Protected PC Game’ profile.

thanks, i will try this tomorrow and let you know.

if any1 else has comments or suggestions, please post them on. BTW this site is very helpful, thanks.

oh by the way, i just installed clonecd and when i load the program it gives me 4 buttons, copy cd, read cd, write cd, erase cd… i should select COPY CD correct?

I assume you’re using your LG for reading and writng then choosing copy is no problem. I would use slow speed like 8x for reading and writing to get a better result.

You don’t have to choose Alcohol’s SecuROM 4/5 profile as it has to be used for SecuROM 4.8+ versions.

(i do not say that its wrong what u say as it works with securom new only too)
but uhmm… i guess securom new* (4.x/5.x) means securom 4 up to 5…
for the image on pc i guess 4.x/5.x isnt needed but for twinpeak method its needed (after u created the securom new profile image to make the mds if u dont have a bwa

but well for the image on computer it doesnt really matter what profile it is as u will have to use emulation doesnt matter wich profile…

That profile will just read with DPM, used as to get the SecuROM 4.8x+ Protection onto the image successfully.

That profile will just read with DPM

as needed by twinpeak/twinsector if u dont have a bwa
thats why i dont understand that msg:

You don’t have to choose Alcohol’s SecuROM 4/5 profile as it has to be used for SecuROM 4.8+ versions. Instead just use the SecuROM *NEW profile and you’ll be fine.

or did he mean for emulation way?

As there are no physical informations to dump with Securom lower than v4.77, you have to choose the normal Securom new profile (yes, Alc-Team could write that clearer); so twinpeak is not needed (and possible) at all with WC3 (if the v4.68 is the only version around; you could check your installation folder with a scanner)

ahh a mistake i thought it was 4.7
[18:00:34] SecuROM detected -> H:\COMTEST\BIN\ComTest.exe
(was the first one i made with twinpeak)
n/m then

The correct method for successfully copying WCIII depends upon which release of the game you have. [Note: this game was the biggest selling game for 5 years in the year of its release and has been re-released on more than one occasion.]

If you have the original release (v. 1.0) the protection used is securom new (not securom 4.8x/5.x) and none twinpeak nor RMPS emulation nor plex premium/blindwrite methods are required.

However, that doesn’t mean that the game is particularly easy to copy successfully. A very good sub-code reader and writer is required and with many reader/writer combinations a custom profile is required if using CloneCD (particularly if using a Lite-on writer as the reader).

If you have a later release (from say ~ v. 1.5) the protection used is securom 4.8x and you will need to use twinpeak patching or RMPS emulation (unless you happen to own a plex premium) to make a working copy.

Note too that all version of the game have an atip check so you will need to have an atip hiding utility (e.g. CloneCD’s hide cdr media or alcohol’s Ignore media type) active on your system if playing the copy from a writer (unnecessary if playing from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).

Hey guys, thanks for the info. CloneCD worked pretty nice. But let me ask you a question, why doesn’t it work on other computers that do not have CloneCD installed on there. It looks like I have to HIDE CDR IMAGE on clonecd in order for it to work. Anyways to bypass it on other PC’s without clonecd?

As you used TwinPeak method some drives won’t play these copies and if you’re running it from a CDRW or DVDRW drive you’ve got to enable hide ATIP like CloneCD ‘Hide CDR Media’ does.

i see, will this work on a drive that is not a cdr or cdrw?