Warcraft 3 Backup

I am using WinXP home edition, Clone cd and my burner is a liteon 24102b and i cannot create a successful backup of Warcraft 3. The game asks to insert the warcraft 3 cd as I use the backup. Any help on settings would be greatly apreciated.

WarCraft 3 requires a good subchannel reader, such as Toshiba DVD-ROMs.
I can’t get perfect backups with LiteOn writers either for this game (they don’t run in Pioneer DVD-ROMs)

Don’t forget to check Hide CD-R media if you want to play it in your writer.

I was able to make a perfect 1:1 backup using my Liteon 24102B. I used CloneCd ( and used my DVD as the reader, selected read both Audio and Data sub-channel.

Then burned it with the Liteon and Don’t repair sub-channels. Works to install and Play from the DVD.

I tried to use the Liteon as the reader with the same above settings and it didn’t work!

So the Liteon’s don’t have a problem writing Secrom New, only reading it.

My two cents!

I was not able to make a backup of Warcraft III using clone CD. I’ve got a LG GCE 8160b abd XP Home. Sounds like I got the same results you did. I tried everything, and nothing worked.

I was able to copy it on the first try with Alcohol without any special handling. You might try that.

Chris P.

Ok - the problem is not CloneCD. The problem is that the Liteon’s do not read Securom new correctly.

If I use my Liteon to read the image (either with Alcohol or CloneCD the copy does not work.

I can use CloneCD to read and write a good 1:1 copy if I use my DVD as the reader. I tried this both with Alcohol 120% and CloneCD and it works.

So there is not a problem with CloneCD it’s the way the hardware reads sub-channel data! I saw this with Nascar 2002 also (the only other Securom New title I have).

I used my LiteOn and produced a perfect 1:1 … it reads, installs and plays in everything I put it in … Kids Puter 52X Memorex … My ASUS read it.

I used Blindread and write … but the LiteOn will do it.

I have never tried Blindread/write. Never have needed it yet, I just use my DVD for sub-channel (Securom) protections.

Many Ltr-24102b writers have difficulty in copying WCIII if also used as the reader. If you have an alternative reader that is a good sub-code reader (any of the 16x Lite-on dvds for example) use that instead to make the disc image.

If your writer is your only reading option, then your best bet is to use a profile as follows:

Read: data subs only + regenerate data sectors; everything else off.

Write: everything off or only always close last session if you feel you must (won’t make any difference to the result).

Read and write at 8x and make sure that hide cd media is off before commencing the reading process.

If attempting to play the back-up copy from your writer, remember to re-enable hide cd media before doing so.

The above is the summary of about 2,000+ posts about copying this game and the original version of Neverwinter Nights (released at the same time and with the same protection) at the time of their release. Do a search if you want more info.

Good luck.

Write speed does not matter, unless your drive is buggy or doesn’t like the media you use