Warcraft 3 and new CloneCD

Hello dudes and dudets. I came with dis problem dis morning, my warcraft 3 copy dont work wiw new cloneCD. Could any plz tell me what should i do, or give me an edvise. Should i copy my made back-up wiw new cloneCD? Yes it was working with previos version of CloneCD. Thx too you all.

P.S. I’m avare of function ‘search’.

People might be able to help you if you tell us what burner and reader you are using

Im using LG CD-RW GCE -8030B, im using it as reader adn all the copys worked before now it doesnt exept the disk. It comes as error "Please verify that your Warcraft III disk is in your CD-ROM drive, then click Retry.

Plz i need some ansvers if u could help me ill be greatfull all my life :slight_smile:

It is working with old copy of cloneCD dat is cloneCD, but i would like to use the new one becouse it hase virtual drive. What do u think is the problem