Warcraft 3 again

did somebody resolved the problem how to make a workable copy of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne cd with last patch 1.13?
I need workable copy on cd, not ISO to play from :slight_smile:
Please hellp, i read all the topics on this forum, i tried everything
and this sh.t still doesnt want to run.
I must play from my original cd :slight_smile:
Please if your copies works, write here how u did that :slight_smile: step by step (what prog, what options etc)

Sory for my english :slight_smile:
OK !!! :slight_smile:
now will be better, sorry for CAPS :slight_smile:

after patch 1.13b u can play W3FT from ISOS again :slight_smile:
stpd blizz :slight_smile:

u can del this post Mr Admin :slight_smile: cause now its no use to leave it here :slight_smile:

I believe that FutureProof has made a copy that works with the latest patch (v.1.13) with this method.

The use of caps is considered shouting and very inpolite.

Unfortunately for you I am too lazy to edit the post myself, I have to ask you to edit it and remove the caps.