WAR! Emusic, Napster, Yahoo, Rhapsody WAR!

I’m currently Using the Napster music service & I pay $9.95 a month for unlimited downloads. I use Tunebite & re-encode the Napster music files to non-DRM 128kbps WMA so I don’t purchase tracks. I download probably 40 songs a month on average. I want the service with the Best Quality music as in best sounding and overall the best. Would people who have experience in using any of these music services please comment on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My experience with Napster
Pro’s :clap:

  1. Browsing new music is easy
  2. Downloading singles of a album before it is released in stores, Searched Yahoo music for new Staind song and it wasnt available on aug 6 but was on Napster
  3. Easy to re-encode songs using Tunebite
  4. Unlimited downloads :smiley:

Con’s :sad:

  1. Error downloading sometimes, updates have fixed some of the problems but
    I still get download time-out Errors, I have Highspeed DSL.
  2. Slow home page and Radio Page load times sometimes.
  3. 128kbps WMA isn’t the highest quality WMA I have heard but its not
    horrible either. :frowning:

Here are the Music Service’s Stats

Emusic / 192kbps mp3 VBR/ Web-browser/ 550,000+
40 tracks: $9.99/month
65 tracks: $14.99/month
90 tracks: $19.99/month

Yahoo / 192kbps WMA9/ Yahoo! Software/ 1,000,000+
$4.99-$6.99/month Subscription

Napster / 128kbps WMA/ Napster Software/ 1,500,000+
$9.95-$13.95/month Subscription

Rhapsody/ 128kbps, 160kbps, 192kbps WMA/ Rhapsody Software/ 1,000,000+
$9.99/month Subscription

If you have any Info on any subscription Music Service that is not listed please post your info. Thank you for your opinion, reviews & help.

One more Con I forgot to list about Napster is that you have to buy some songs at $0.99 so its not truely unlimited downloads you have to purchase some.