War 3 FT blocks daemon tools?

Hoping this is a legit legal question that someone here can answer (and not get my post nuked) :frowning:

I have successfully been using a CloneCD image of my original War 3 for about a year on battle net, no worries.
However I just bought Frozen Throne yesterday, I make a CloneCD image to my drive, mount it in Daemon and it still doesn’t work?

Sercurom, safedisk and Laserlok emulation is enabled in Daemon tools.

I heard blizzard deliberately blocked this- I’ve got no idea why??? you HAVE to buy it to get a valid CD key to play online >:(

It’s frustrating, I don’t want to wear out my disk (I’m a messy pig it’ll get lost or damaged not being in it’s case) and it’s so much easier to just right click on a file, mount it and play.

Anyone got this working?

you have the latest version of damion tools? If not get it! frozen thrones been out for a while but any patches may blacklist the latest version also. Im pretty sure alc120s virtual drive works with it.

and what your doing is not illegal its your copy as long as you dont distribute it you should be able to do what you want with it…this virtual drive blacklisting is just stupid.

You won’t be able to make a working image using clonecd. Try either blindwrite 5 or alcohol 120.

If you only want to burn, you can use clonecd + twinpeak method.