Wanting to rip a perfectly legal CD

OK, my situation:
I just bought a new Moby CD and I have an iPod. So naturally I wanted to rip it and play it the next day.
BUT - When I go to the CD drive looking for the music its not there . . . Only some installation files.
I searched the whole CD no music, though it shows there is an odd 550 megabytes of files.

ClonyXXL sais there isn’t any protection or its unknown.

clonyxxl is old scan with a-ray

let me guess: you have autoplay turned on on your system?

If you have autoplay enabled on your CD drive, hold down the <Shift> key when you insert the CD. Don’t let go of the shift key until the LED on your CD drive stops flickering. Be sure it has stopped flickering. It may pause and then flicker again.

I just got Moby’s HOTEL CD. It was a special pressing that included the AMBIENT CD.
I made a back-up with either CCD or Alcohol. I forget which. The backup plays fine.

I haven’t tried to rip from the original.
I loaned the original to my brother.
I wanted to rip the songs before he got it back to me.
I was able to rip from my back-up except for songs 10, 13 and 15 using CDex.
I had to play those three songs on my home stereo and import them through the Line-In on my soundcard using CoolEditPro to make *.wav files.
I then used CDex to convert them to MP3 to go mobile.