Wanting to post LG GSA-H10L scan results

I just purchased an LG GSA-H10L. It has some good specifications but I would like to compare it’s performance with other drives. I have Nero so I can do the Drive Speed test. I was able to run basic test using a DVD+R burned at 16x with approx. 3.6 GB of MP3 Files. I want to run the Disk Quality Test and I get an “error initializing test” message. I would also like to post my results for others to review. I an not sure how to post the results so you folks can see them. I know these are probably dumb questions, but I am new to this and need some guidance.

Unfortunately, LG drives don’t support quality scanning (that I’m aware of). :frowning:

To scan those LG burns, you’ll need a scanning-capable drive; the most popular are LiteOn, BenQ, and I believe Plextor do it with PlexTools.


I have a BenQ 1640 in one of my other systems. I will test the burns on it. How do I post the results?

A BenQ 1640, excellent! As for saving and attaching your scan results, hopefully everything you’ll need to know is here.

Happy scanning :wink:

Edit: forgot to add, I believe the scan speed for BenQs is 8x.

Ok, I put the disk in the BenQ in my other system. For some reason the BenQ starts the disk quality test and stops. The drive is just sitting there spinning without any results.

Weird. What media is it? Can you post the MID (found in CD-DVD Speed, under the “Disc Info” tab)?

Could be that the BenQ is being a little fussy, not sure.

Yes, I confirm this.


What firmware do you have? And what version of cd-dvd speed?

OK, I got the scan to work. Turns out that Nero didn’t like to be on a Windows Server. Moved the BenQ to another system and got the scan. I know I should probably post it somewhere else, not sure where. What are you folks initial impression of the scan? This DVD was burned on Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R at 16X.

Pretty good, but you should try the scan again at 8x. :slight_smile:

Edit: Pardon me, it is at 8x (even though you chose Maximum).

Jitter is a bit high, though. I’d burn them at 12x (this is my own opinion though, obviously):slight_smile:

it’s not usually recommended to scan discs on a different drive from which they were burned, but with an LG you have little choice! for your own internal comparisons that’s absolutely fine to do since you’ll have a baseline to compare it to, but be wary of comparing your scans of LG-burned discs to others’ scans since they may or may not be comparable. it looks like you’re doing just fine though.

for the benefit of those viewing your scans be sure to post what drive/firmware the disc was burned with whenever it was not burned with the same drive doing the scanning :slight_smile:

also, check the surface of the disc. is there any dust or dirt about halfway in where that large PIF spike is? without that PIF spike the disc would be a 98 quality score which is VERY acceptable indeed!

and as arachne stated, lowering the burn speed to 12x might reduce those jitter readings which are a bit disturbing. I’m not sure about your particular LG drive and 16x media, but I know for a fact that the BenQ 1640 doesn’t fare quite as well when burning at 16x as it does at 12x.

Agreed there - that without the PIF spike, that’d be an excellent result :iagree:

I’m not sure about that LG drive and 16x media, either.

I still have the option of returning this LG. The 12X DVD-Ram and 10X DVD+R DL specifications impressed me. Any thoughts on something different that will perform better?