Wanting to make TV Series DVDs

Hey, I’ve been trying to figure out what the best way to take a bunch of DivX episodes and transcode them to DVD. I recently found a torrent of The Muppet Show and want to burn them for a friend for christmas, but I’ve been having a hard time because there are so many episodes and most of the guides and help on here is for one movie to a disc. As per Chickenman’s guide I went and got DVD2SVCD but I can’t figure out how to make it encode more than one file. Any help/tips/pointers? Is there anyone else on here doing the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

Since the files are in avi format you could join them all together into one large avi and then a program like winAVI to convert the large file into DVD format. If the combined files are over 2.1 GB then you need to get them down to just below 2 GB as the encoding will make them just about 4.1 which is all that you can put on a single layer dvd (unless you use DVD Shrink to compress them down to all fit on one DVD.

Be aware that some DVD players will not play home burns. The following is a list of those players that I know will play burns:

Apex made before Jan 2004

Also, you need to install the Ace Mega Codec Pack and the divx/xvid codecs as well.

If I can help in anyway just ask.

If your putting 4 episodes ( 4 x 40min eps) per DVD then set the CD Size to 1110 ( a 1/4 of a dvd). Turn off any imaging, so set to No Images as well. Then go right down the bottom of the guide where it mentions about Batch mode, just follow that. When I’m doing my TV eps endodes, I typically do 8 eps per night. Tou then have 8 folders full of files, I convert the *.mp2 file to *.AC3 with ffMPEGGUI and finally author the *.mpv and the *.av3 file in TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab setting up an appripriat Menu. Pretty simple really once your done it once.

Hey guys, thanks for the input and information. I haven’t had much time to give it a try yet but it’ll be happening soon, and I’ll let you know how it goes. One thing I’ve noticed is some of the episodes aren’t as high quality. Are there anyDivX enhancers to help with a poor original encoding? Or will the quality be only as good as the source?

Quality can only really get as good as the source. Maybe add a little extra brightness, sharpness, volume and things like that but it’s going to distort elsewhere and probably cause pixelation. I’d actually try to use NeroVision Express. Granted, its menuing system is very simple and not very modifyable but it does such a great job converting files to DVD-Format playable videos and supports such a large range of files I think it might be worth checking out. :wink:

I did the entire King of queens season 2 like this.
I used Divxtodvd http://www.vso-software.fr/download.htm it’s free
then I took the converted files and burned them with nerovision. I got 5 episodes to each dvd with menu and all and the quality was awesome. My original divx file size was about 170 meg each

I was able to fit around 8 Seinfeld episodes to a dvd using DIKO Free, CCE 2.67, and the KDVD template. The quality was great and there is also an option in DIKO that will allow you to create chapters for skipping through scenes.