Wanting to go HD



I’m thinking about DLP, can you help with this. I want from top to bottom. Bose surround sound system, Toshiba 72HM195 72" 1080p HD DLP. What do ya’ll think and what is the best DVD player for HD


I thought that Toshiba 72" DLP is discontinued?

Regarding sound system, I would go with a separate AV Receiver and speaker systems. There are many choices. For Receiver you can start researching Yamaha, Onkyo or Denon.


Drop DLP, have a look at a Plasma (Panasonic, Pioneer) if you want a large screen quite a bit cheaper than LCDs or if you can afford it LCDs (Sharp, Samsung, Sony) are good in general.


At 72", DLP/LYCOS is the only sensible way to go. But you might also want to spend a little time looking at front projectors.


Couldn’t comment on screens of that size but as far as the best DVD player for HD, you have two options. The Oppo Digital up-conversion players are excellent high-end players for the money, that being said what are the features you would like on your DVD player? (ie divx playback, region free, ect.). If the last options aren’t that big of a deal to you then the Toshiba HD-DVD players are a very smart way to go without investing alot of money. They are solid standard DVD up-conversion players and of course you get 2 HD-DVD titles right out of the box and 5 more free via mail. Of course as you may have heard the HD-DVD format may be going south in the near future, but it doesn’t change the fact that you will still get more than your money’s worth out of the player especially if you wait for a few weeks and get them on clearance sale. The A3 which supports up to 1080i (might be a little bit of an issue given the size of screen you are looking at) is currently just under $118 shipped from Amazon.com (and comes with the aforementioned deal on HD-DVD movies as do the other models). The A30 supports 1080p/24p display and currently runs just under $150 shipped. The A35 supports 1080p/24p additional surround features and the deep color technology (supposed to greatly improve the quality of the display) and currently runs $220 shipped. To put this in perspective the Oppo Digital DV-981 which supports 1080p res currently runs $230 shipped and doesn’t come with any free movies of ANY format. Also as mentioned the Toshiba players are going to get significantly cheaper in the near future. So it all depends on what sort of functions you want from a DVD player. I own both the Oppo 981 and the Toshiba A3 and in terms of regular DVD playback via up-conversion I can’t tell a single bit of difference between the two. That being said I am just running a 37" 1080p Westinghouse so the differences on a 72" screen would probably be a little more noticeable.


@ CDan
Get a decent projector then if you want that large


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2002910]@ CDan
Get a decent projector then if you want that large
The OP is the one who said he wants 72", or did you forget to actually read his post?


How much is your budget?



@ CDan
Apparently he wants quality, DLP does [B]not[/B] offer quality.

As for DVD an Oppo player should be fine, better up getting a PS3 or a blu-ray player which upscales DVDs too.


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2004456]@ CDan
Apparently he wants quality, DLP does [B]not[/B] offer quality.

Utter baloney, as usual. There are more examples of crappy performance from LCD and plasma monitors than from DLP/LYCOS. Also more DLP projectors in high-end home theaters than plasma, by far.


Sure, I mean major players just ditch it because its so good.



Personally, I stay clear of $ony. It may be top quality, but, service and maintenance $$$$ is really bad. I’ve had really bad experiences, so, no $ony hardware nor $ony software for me.