Wanting to burn more than 1 avi file to a dvd

im new to the forum and have a few questions regarding burning avi files. What i ultimately want to be able to do is burn the tv shows that I download in avi file format to a dvd-r. I have tried a few different programs and dont know what the best one to use would be. I have clonedvd2 but that doesnt seem to able to burn anything other than vob and ifo files. So what is a good program for me to use and also would i have to convert my files from avi to something else?? 3 or 4 episodes a dvd would be fine with me, depending on the file sizes obviously. If anyone can help, i would gladly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

If your DVD player supports AVI/Divx/Xvid playback, then burn the AVIs as DATA discs, and fit as many as will fit the disc…Try IMGburn, one of the best ,if not the best, IMO…
If however you need to convert them to DVD, try with DVDflick, ConvertxtoDVD, AVStoDVD etc… When converting from avi–> to DVD, I personally never burn more than 2-hrs of video content on SL media(4.37GB) disc…If you want to fit more than 1 flick, I/we recommend using only Verbatim DVD+R DL media for better results…

A little tip for you regarding burning AVIs to DVD. The following are only examples, but if you stick with the numbering system, they will play in episodic order.

001 name of episode.AVI
002 name of episode.AVI
003 name of episode.AVI

& so on.

How I do it:

001 name of show.S1E1.name of episode.AVI