Wanting to burn bought music to portable player

Hey ppl, im new here but I have a serious problem and I beg y’all for help! :bow:

Here is my situation:

I bought and downloaded a .wma song for 99 cents on buy.com. The song plays on my windows media player series 9, and on my real player. The file is stored in the folder: “my music”.

When I try to burn the song to a cd on real player, a message pops up saying that I have “insufficient rights”. Dammit! I bought the song legally and now I want to listen to it on some portable device!

So I played the song again on windows media and while it was playing, I went up to “file” and clicked “Save Media As…” and saved the currently playing song to my cd-rw drive. So now that the song is saved in two locations on the harddrive–“my music” and cd-rw drive–is the file in the cd-rw drive still in a state where it can’t be burned?

When I right click on the song file and select “properties” and then click “liscence”, it says “protected content” and under that, “10 copy(s) remaining”. what does this mean?

Is there any way that I can burn the song file onto a regular audio cd or mp3/wma player directly from windows media? or can I copy the file onto a cd-rw from the cd-rw drive? Or can I somehow change the format of the .wma file and then start burning?

HELP!!! PLEASE!!! I just want to listen to the music on a portable player! How can I do this preferably without paying for some software or something?

Thanks a million,

Jeremy :slight_smile:

Hi halobird,

Ok, heres what you should do.
Download Goldwave, they have a VERY generous trial.

Save that out as an .mp3 or .wma. You will need a mp3 encoder from LAME, so i suggest saving it out as .wma.

Then burn it with Nero making a audio CD.

Good Luck!!

From buy.com

Transferring My Music
What do I need to transfer songs to a portable device?
You need a WMA-compliant portable player that suports DRM. The iPod media player currently does not support WMA-format files.

How do I transfer my music to an approved portable device?
Open Windows Media Player. (See Minimum System requirements.) Click on the ‘Copy to CD or Device’ button. Follow the instructions.
See How To > How to Transfer Music to Approved Portable Devices

Basically unless you have a WMA-compliant device it is stuck on your computer.

So a cd-rw is not .wma compliant? the song is already in wma format but ive got a problem with the insufficient rights thingy…

As i said, save it out as a .wma from goldwave, that should sort out the drm.

I would normally not condone or suggest the following, but if you REALLY did buy it, or anyone else for that matter, youshould have full rights to it. Being denied your rights is outrageous if you spent money on it, and I would suggest getting a copy from a P2P software such as Kazaa Lite or WinMX. It is simply easier this way than the long process of converting and d/l software just to adjust what you have to work with your needs. This is just my opinion and my insight on the subject at hand.

You have a valid point xtacydima but unfortunately his licence is quite specific. Just because we may disagree with the law doesn’t give us grounds to pirate music.
Perhaps I would suggest looking elsewhere next time you buy music online and see what it is you actually get for your $$.

My $0.02

Hey halobird,

  Try to convert ur wam. files to mp3 first then conpy it in Windows Media Player 9, that worked work for me so it might work for u too. Tell me what is ur result.