Wanted: Writer w/ best rec. quality!

Hi guys!

What CD-ReWriter in IYHO s’got the best writing quality???

I’m currently pretty p1553d with my LiteOn 48125W(org.) and
my Cyberdrive CW058D. I tested different firmware versions,
different writing speeds, MANY different CD-Rs (from noname up
to HQ single packaged 2-3€/1pcs ones).

But I can’t find one which delivers @ 32x or higher low error rates…
Now I think it’s time to get a new writer. It just can’t be that even
HQ “Maxell 1-48x/TYs” don’t go over 24x w/o errors! O_o

Whatcha think? A Plex? Or Yamaha? Or …?

thx in advance

-El Hombr3

LiteOn drives are routinely delivering C2 error-free discs at 48x burn speeds, with the appropriate media.

Sorry rdgrimes, but if a Maxell/Taiyo Yuden (1-48x) CDR isn’t an “appropriate media” something must be wrong… :confused:

Well, your experience is not typical for LiteOn drives. Perhaps your’s is deffective. Without seeing specific tests on the drive, I cannot say. Have a look at the media tests linked below, most are on LiteOn drives. There certainly is no evidence that Plextor or Yamaha produce “better” burns, in fact they are generally less media-friendly.

For the tests i used a Philips/Ritek (1-48x rated) CD-R.
Burned @ 40x/VS08

My LiteOn 16x/48x DVD-ROM shows me this:

URL: http://www.geocities.com/hellraiderz_666/post_liteon2.gif

And my NEC 52x CD-ROM shows me this:

URL: http://www.geocities.com/hellraiderz_666/post_nec2.gif

Well, what should I think about this disc? Both drives read it w/o
a speed dropdown from ~22x - 48x/52x.
But as you can see the NEC drive reports a lot of errors in the
outer area of the recorded disc.

Is this because the NEC is more picky due to it’s higher reading
speed? Or is the drive cr4p in general…?

-El Hombr3

Your image links are broken, but without looking at the tests, i can tell you that Phillips 48x media is some of the worst media ever sold. Again i refer you to the media tests.