Wanted uk isp (with no caps)

My contract is about to end with freeserve broadband 512k service @28.99 per month…
Now i know for this service this is way overpriced i can now get a 1mbps service for the same…
but a lot of uk isp,s are now capping there service (limiting downloads eg 1 gig a month to 30 gig a month)
my contract with freeserve was not capped but if i renew it will be but at a much reduced price…
I dont want any caps so my question is which uk isp,s are good and also dont cap there service
BT and FREESERVE (now wanadoo) do cap there service so dont post them
aol dont but i have been told that they install some sort of browser but have not got clarification on this yet
Also im in the middle of browsing this site but i also want user opinions

[edit] having had a quick look at site posted i am leaning towards AOL does someone want to put me off before its to late or confirm that AOL are a good isp[edit]

Well I would go for Pipex or Eclipse or Nildram. Your choice really, check out www.adslguide.org.uk for current going on’s.

Thats the site i linked to in my post and the site i am looking at for comparisons…
AOL are doing tv adds just now saying they will have no caps at all but i suppose you can never say never…
I will have a look at those you posted to see how they compare

I’m with Pipex, they are maybe perhaps a little more expensive than some others, but the service is first class. I was with AOL before, i had big problems with them 9 months ago and changed to Pipex.

Pipex has Capped and none capped products.