Wanted!The way of copying "Return To Castle Wolfenstein"

Hello there,I’m new here,I’m seeking for the way of copying “Return To Castle Woflenstein”,Could somebody tell me please?:slight_smile:

any burning program should copy this game.
RTCW doesn’t have any copy protection. (North American Version)
it just uses a cd key thats it.
i used newest version of clonecd with these settings:

reader plex24x
read speed max
read both data and audio subs

burn settings:
burn speed 16x
burn proof / just link
always close last session

thats it.
hope this helps.


well thank you there but I still have doubt with what you said"No CD Protection"…I’m here in Taiwan,I’m not sure…
Can somebody recommend a software like clony that works in Win XP?

the European version of RTCW also has no copy-protection, just a cd-key. You can copy the game with Nero or any other copyprogram.


Clony should also work with WinXP. Download the latest version here (German).
Maybe you need ASPI drivers which are also avaiable at the same URL.


what’s ASPI drivers for?

As far as I know ASPI drivers are used for communication between your OS and your CD-ROM / CD-RW. They were originally developed by Adaptec.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.



It ain’t work on my XP!

You must install the aspi drivers under win xp to be able to
use clonyxl

Yes you need to install a program like ForceASPI (check www.cdrsoft.cc) to force the ASPI install for Windows XP.

Oh my god,it’s so complicated.
I hve to install the aspi Driver to get clony xl running?
What about Clony XXL,does it need a aspi Driver too?:confused:

No, you don’t need to install the ASPI-Drivers but not all functions will work ( according to the author of ClonyXXL).

Just install the drivers there’s no problem!:wink:


ahead software at nero.com make their aspi ‘dll’ freely available; it only need be copied to the windows folder on XP (“WINNT” on mine)

No other ASPI file is needed! (Tx to PaRaDoX)

You also need to DISABLE the IMAPI services.

Do not, under any circumstances, install the burning software update from MS (it was so bad, MS had to write an uninstall for the patch).

Originally posted by FutureProof
You also need to DISABLE the IMAPI services.
You can read how to do that here.