Wanted, suggestions for free software

My girl friend just got her first digital camera and would like suggestions for “FREE” software that will create CDs / DVDs for her pictures and video’s.

I’ve looked around and everything that I found that looks like it can do what she wants is $$$…

Suggestions ?

cheers bix

Try this Site-----http://www.techsupportalert.com/best_46_free_utilities.htm
And This------http://majorgeeks.com/downloads2.html
Anmd This------http://www.faststone.org/
This un is Good—http://100-downloads.com/

That lot should keep you busy for a while…You should find the free software you need…Good Luck.

Cheers MrScary … checking out the links you provided. That link to the best_46_free_utilities is interesting

Have you checked out this thread at the top of this forum:
Free downloads

Freeware ‘XnView’ is a very robust digital image editor that I highly recommend.
With it, among many other things, you can import about 400 different formats and export about 50 formats.

Another link to open source apps. in addition to just freeware is located HERE.

A tool for resizing images will be necessary

  • especially in order to email stuff to friends (cos the picture data is basically so big it will be a nuisance) is IRFANVIEW (free, good for complicated jobs)
    or the Microsoft free download Photo-resizer…get it anyway…I couldn´t cope without it…fast and practical!

This site is pretty good too http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/freeware.html