Wanted: Standalone Blu-ray player that plays x264/.mkv directly from burnt disk

I’m in Canada.
I want a bru-ray disc player that will play .mkv files directly from a burnt blu-ray disk. I’m assuming that ntfs support is necessary to play large backed up movies… All other features are superfluous to me.
Obviously, looking for the best cost/performance device, available in Canada.


Build yourself an HTPC instead or buy one of the Ion based ITX computers. You will be much happier with it than just a BD player and it will play ANY file you want.


If playing from a burned disc is not a must (a hard disk is needed), you can also get a media player like this one :slight_smile:

The WD Live unit is good. The one at this site plays more mkv file types than the WD does. I had a WD, and now have Xtreamer Pro, and it plays a lot of files the WD Live would not.

Consider finding a bluray player that plays AVCHD discs… and use MultiAVCHD to turn those MKV’s into an AVCHD disc.

LG’s BD390, BD570 and BD590 play them (at least the USA versions, not sure about those in Canada).