Wanted latest dvd moviez

:slight_smile: hi guys new to the forums ,can anyone help as the above thread mentions! thx wooosh!

                        grateful dead!

use it dont lose it !!! :iagree:

Have you tried Amazon, Play.com, Virgin, HMv, Megamart.

It kind of depends where you live.

Internet ones


errr trading as the thead says!!! or buying

we do not trade or sell movies here. end of line.

Yet another genius who failed to read the rules before signing up.

there have to be more ppl that DON’T read the rules than DO read the rules…

it’s so frustrating reading some people’s posts (and cross-posts), but it’s good for me to work on my self-control :a

Each time you pray to God for patients, He will have another member sign up here just to try to find ways to pirate and steal, so STOP THAT! hehe :smiley:


before being allowed to post people should be asked 10 random questions from the cdfreaks rules, get 3 or more wrong then no posting allowed.

It’s a hard man that you are “acko”…

3 wrong?, none wrong. :bigsmile:

I agree but it doesn’t surprise me considering some of the members are we already have. :rolleyes: :bigsmile: