WANTED: Guaranteed Future Proof CD-RW!

I am considering buying a Plextor CD-RW since they have a reputation of being able to read copy protected audio CD’s which my current drives cannot.

I am unsure, though, if such a buy will only help me out in the short run. Will it also be able to read audio CD’s with new copy protections that do not exist today?

Does this current ability of Plextor CD-RW have something to do with the way Plextor CD-RW Drives are constructed? Maybe they are constructed like hifi audio cd players which usually have no problems reading protected CD’s?

If so, does this mean that I will be able to “crack” future audio protections only by having the right software? Or will I have to upgrade to a new CD-RW in a year or two again to be able to read future protected audio CD’s?

Anybody knows?

Plextor drives originally couldn’t read Cactus 200 when it came up. Plextor fixed that with firmware upgrades for all their drives.

For protections which are likely to come up in future, I’d say there’s a good chance that Plextor is again going to fix problems via firmware upgrade.

There are no guarantees in technology.

Originally posted by BadReligionPR
There are no guarantees in technology.

Yea but we are talking about the Plextor in here , THE King of Quality :smiley:

If you base your technology purchases on what you think your future needs will be you are guaranteed to:
a) pay too much and
b) run into problems you never anticipated.

If you mean O/C by stating Future Proof, I advice you get a Lite-On burner with 6 series Mediatek chipsets.

Litey do data copy protections & with recently firmware updates - reports are that they can also do Audio Copy protections.

Thank you all for your replies. I have gone and bought a Plextor CD-RW drive and now only the future will show if this was the right buy for me or not.

BTW, darshanjog, what does O/C mean?