Wanted cheap dvd player that plays MPeg Files in UK



I use my PC to record mpeg2 files from my dvb-t tv card.
Some of these files end up approx 4.3 gig.

I can create an authored dvd by importing the file in ner vision express, win dvd creator etc …

The only problem is this takes a long time to transcoding the mpeg file into vob files etc.

My solution to this is to burn these files onto a dvd+rw and use my mpeg compatible player to play the file directly.
To burn over 2 gig I have to burn as dvd-iso/udf filesystem.

My player only sees the first 36 minutes of my mpeg2 files which I believe is approx 1 gig.

Can anybody reccomend a cheap player available in the uk that can play large mpeg 2 files.