Want to watch a first-run movie at home? $20,500 please

I’d say there would be two types of customers that would be happy to get this - anyone who regularly flies their own private jet and serious movie pirates.

If you’re a multimillionaire, buying the kit would be like an average wage earner buying a Blu-ray disc player with the movie prices being the equivalent for each. Just make sure you use the right cable like this $449 HDMI cable. You don’t want to be using a cheap $5 HDMI cable to hook up that $20,500 player! :disagree:

For a serious pirate, it’s a loophole to the risk of taking a camera in a cinema. These pirates potentially make millions per movie, so a $20,500 payment for their own private screening is a minor investment, so no wonder Viacom is not taking the risk here.