Want to use my Pioneer A07 or A07XLA to read DVD Ram Discs on MacG4



Hello all, newbie here…

I have purchased one of each of the Pioneer optical drives…both drives will read DVD Ram discs made on Panasonic DVR recorder…however when the optical drives are installed in the mac G4 MDD, I can’t get the dvd ram discs to register on the desktop to open them…this is the main reason I purchased Pioneer A07/A07XLA was to be able to read my dvd ram discs for editing on mac…can anyone or has anyone tried to use these drives for reading/importing to a mac? Do I just need to get another type software to be able to read my DVR ram discs on the mac (Like toast Platinum)…I am lost with this question…have been researching this issue for last two weeks…please help… :confused:

“rolling on floor, laughin most of time” (not right now however :sad: )