Want to upgrade my RAM........plz help me

Hi frnds…
Right now my PC is with 1gb ram . i want to upgrade it with higher…i just wanted to know till wat my board is going to support…
my system details are below//…:clap::clap::clap:
ur quick response will be appreciated and could be helpful for me …

thanks in advance

My system details:
System Manufacturer: Kobian
System Model: PI865D7
Motherboard Manufacturer: Kobian
Motherboard Model: PI865D7

RAM :1024 MB
DDR PC3200

Maximum Memory Capacity: 4194304 MB
Currently Installed Memory: 1024 MB
Available Memory Slots : 3
Total Memory Slots : 4
Dual Channel Support : N.A.
CPU Manufacturer : GenuineIntel
CPU Family : Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz Model 6, Stepping 5
CPU Speed : 2993 MHz

Hey frnds…no one there to help me out…???:sad::sad::sad:

[QUOTE=yoursnavin2287;2502386]Hey frnds…no one there to help me out…???:sad::sad::sad:[/QUOTE]

From your first post[B]->[/B] “[B]Maximum Memory Capacity[/B]: 4194304 MB” doesn’t that tell you :smiley:

Currently Installed Memory: 1024 MB
Available Memory Slots : 3
Total Memory Slots : 4

I guess you now have 1 slot filled with 1 1024MB strip and got 3 slots left.

Maximum Memory Capacity: 4194304 MB

4096 GIGABYTE? On four banks? Thats 1024 Gigabyte per bank!

I doubt there are 4096 GB slots available yet, so by best guess is you actually meant 4096MB slots. (=4GB slots).

So, in this matter you can install 4 x 4GB = 16 GB maximum.

Since you already have 1 1GB slot filled, my advice is to fill all the others with 1 GB as well, resulting in 4 x 1 = 4 GB. Pleny for a normal OS.

If you want more however, i advice to go for adding 2 x 2GB, in total resulting in 5GB (2 x 1 + 1 x 1). This way you have still one slot free for extra memory.

Consult your manual on which memory capacities, slot behaviour and memory types are supported. Before you buy anything, open up the computer and check if there are actually really FOUR slots. Sometimes motherboards tend to see 1 slot as 2.

One thing remember that they all have to be the same memory chips, not mixed brands or types

You may also want to remember that if your OS is WIN XP 32bit that the OS will only see and use 3 GB max. of memory.

Try using one of the memory advisor tools at www.crucial.com - that should tell you which memory types can be used and in what combination. You don’t have to buy the memory from Crucial unless you want to.

hi to all frnds…thanks for ur replies…:clap::clap::clap:
actually the above system information was generated from http://www.crucial.com. as in the information it is show that there r 4 memory slots. i opened the box. n could could only 2 slots…over there. so still need ur help to upgrade it …:sad::sad:
thanks in advance

hey frnd…i got the solution of my problem…the maximum could be used is 2 gb.
i got the manual right here…

anwayzzzzzz…thanks a lot…for ur quick replies.:smiley: