Want to update FW, but -pri -mas not an option?

Hello everyone. I am a DVD n00b, so please bear with me. I did a search for my problem, but had no luck :confused: .

I just bought the NEC 2510a, and can’t wait to upgrade to Herrie’s FW (1.07 v2 Dual Layer Bitsetting Beta 5), but when reading up on the correct way to flash my burner, I noticed that -pri -mas is not supported when flashing in DOS. My HD is connected via SATA, so it’s actually on the Third IDE channel. I hooked up my 2510a as the primary master, and my Samsung CD burner as the secondary master.

Would the easiest fix be to switch my ribbon cable to the Secondary IDE slot on my mobo? Or is there another method that would work? I’ll try not to be such a n00b in future posts (but I can’t promise anything :wink: ). Thanks in advance!

Flash in windows then, are connect it with some IDE cables and then reconnect it sata.

Hi s0lar, thanks for your quick reply. Sorry but I forgot to mention that I already tried using the Windows flasher from Herrie’s NEC Portal, but it gave me an error message (Target NEC ND-2500A is not found correctly). I didn’t think it would work, but I had to give it a try :slight_smile: . Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Try this .
You will not get the options for higher speed burning.
You get the “original” FW with bitsetting and RPC1/rip lock.

Ow yeah, if you have a 2510, you can’t flash to 107v2b5 in windows, try doing it in dos or flash to the f/w made by dvdboost, only a pity there’s no speed improvement.

Thanks for your replies. I decided to switch my DVD burner to the secondary ide controller as master, and use Herrie’s FW (1.07 v2 Dual Layer Bitsetting Beta 5). The DOS flash was a piece of cake, and now I am gonna do some test burns later today. Thanks again, and i’m sure I will be bugging you all with more questions real soon :bigsmile: .

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