Want to soft-update/upgrade my generic burner

The burner is hi-val make and has the “GSJB” version firmware on it. It is my understanding that this is actually a BenQ/Phillip’s drive that simply has a different firmware on it, and I’d like to know how to update or upgrade it.

I’ve tried simply using the firmware on the BenQ site (firmware BSRB), as well as BQFlasher, but neither seem to recognize my drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You need to use .cvt firmware. The search function is a great help.:clap: Welcome to the forum.:iagree:

Read this thread.
It’ll explain what you need to know about using BQFlasher. The sticker on the HiVal drive should indicate if it’s a Benq 1640.

I had actually read through that exact thread DVD Addict, as well as the guide by zebedee about using BQFlasher, but have found the whole process quite a bit overwhelming.

The sticker on the drive identifies it as a BenQ 1640.

When I try to use BQFlasher it simply doesn’t show the drive at all. I have the nero aspi dll in the folder with it, and tried using the showAllDrives command, but to no avail.

Any more specific suggestions would be excellent.

edit: after reading much more, I think it’s relevant for me to mention that I am running on an NVidia motherboard, and am using adaptec’s ASPI layer (required for a scsi device that attaches to an adaptec scsi card I have).

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Take a look [B]here:[/B]
Use WinDWFlash (found in my sig).

P.S. Check PM for f/w link:

Seems to have worked perfectly. Thanks for all the helps folks.

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