Want to see HTML5 in action?

Brought to you by Google and Arcade Fire

"When visiting the site you will be instructed to enter the address of the home you grew up in, and after a few minutes–once the background technology has done its magic and loaded–the experience will begin.

It starts by showing footage from the band’s music video, and before you know it multiple windows begin to dance around on your screen to the beat, adding other visuals as time goes on. However, the most impressive aspect of the whole HTML5 demo comes a little later when Google Maps comes into play. The mapping integration sees imagery of your chosen address from both satellite and street-view levels, with trees growing around your neighborhood. At one point you will also get the chance to interact by writing a message"

From PCWorld

It brought my 5-year old laptop pc to its knees (using Firefox) - you definitely need a faster pc for this to work satisfactorily.

Works ok on my quad core@1.6Ghz / Win7x64 laptop :wink:
Just ok though, not great.