Want to replace a CD-RW qith a DVD-R (w)

I currently have the following:

1 - CD-RW, Lite-On SOHR-5238S
2 - DVD-RW, Lite-On SOHW-1633S

Two things I would like to do, 1st be able to copy from a DVD reader directly onto a disc (not to a hard drive).

2nd - get very good hardware to do this. I know I will need to replace the CD-RW.

Can anyone provide me with DVD drive recommendations? Is my existing DVD-RW OK? So far, I have had no issues with it.

I normally burn DVD backups on DVD-R media (Verbatim/TDK/Memorix)


Hi. I would probably leave them both, esp. 1633 - for scanning purposes. I also have a cdrw which i use to read and write CDs. It is fast, HQ, and recognition time is very low.
I’d say get Pioneer 111 or Benq 1650(55) depending on the goodies u need.

I wouldn’t trust my stuff to Memorex, unless I had it backed up to Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden discs as well :wink:

Personally I’d go for a newer LiteOn 6S series drive, and a BenQ 1650. :slight_smile:

However, I’m one of these people who prefers to copy to the HDD first…a bit slower than on-the-fly, but a bit safer IMO. :wink:

Thanks to the info I have obtained from this forum, I have only been using the Memorex for secondary backups.

I will take the recommendations above for buying a new burner.

So it sounds like your are suggesting I keep my 2 existing drives and add a 3rd new one - using my existinf Lite-On 1633S for a scanner.

I do have a question - As far a “scanner”, how do you use it? After each burn to see the quality of the burn? If yes, does that mean you complete your burn, then transfer the disc to the “scanner” unit to perform the quality checks?

I know - these are newbie type questions - please bear with me.


Secondary backups, sounds good :slight_smile:

OK, how to scan…download CD-DVD Speed (or find it in the Nero Toolkit), pop a disc in that you already burned (it won’t work on a blank), go to the “Disc Quality” tab, set your speed to 4x (since your drive is a 3S model), then click Start…and just relax til the scan is over! :slight_smile:

Edit: and make sure your scanning drive is selected in the drop-down box at the top!

For help deciphering scans, what the results mean etc, post your scan in the Blank Media Forum, and folk will be glad to help out. :slight_smile:

And yep, after you complete your burn, just transfer it to the “scanning” drive, and follow the steps above (hope they’re not too confusing!). :slight_smile:

I have been attempting to install CD-DVD Speed since yesterday, without success :sad:

Just tried again now - new version just posted (4.60) - still get the same error:

“unable to initialize WNASPI32.DLL”

Since my 1st attempt yesterday, I have also experienced some lockups, something that this computer has never experienced. (ex- could NOT clear the error message without doing so from the task manager. Also machine locked up during the shutdown process - would not shutdown normally).

Any suggestions?

There is a way to install CD-DVD Speed (it is indeed something to do with the wnaspi32.dll file), but I can’t remember how it’s done, since I never get problems.

Tell you what, try this: create a folder (call it CD Speed) on your Desktop, put the cdspeed.exe file into it and copy (not move) the wnaspi32.dll file from the Nero folder into it, then try running it again.

This is just off the top of my head, so I’m not sure it’ll work… Can’t do any harm though.

This computer does NOT have the wnaspi32.dll file anywhere. I do not have Nero, I use Roxio…

I do have the file (wnapsi32.dll) in another computer (this computer doe NOT have Nero either). I guess it will not hurt if I copy the file from that computer into the “new” folder on the other machine.

WHat do you think?

BTW - thanks for the help!!

Give it a go, you’re only copying it. :slight_smile:

No go :sad:

I created the folder on the desktop, extracted the DVD Speed app to it along with the wnapsi32.dll file.

I then tried to run the app from his folder with the same result - error - unable to initialize the .dll :confused: :confused:

OK, unless someone can help with the CD-DVD Speed option, there is another choice for you, since you own a LiteOn drive :wink:

Try installing KProbe2 (another quality testing app, especially for LiteOn drives) - have a read of the page too for tips on installing :slight_smile:

I just finished installing Kprobe2 - it is currently performing a test on a recently burned DVD!! :clap:

Excellent! :clap:

Be sure to post your result in this thread (or in the Blank Media Forum) - click on the floppy shaped icon in the top right of the KProbe window to save your result as a .png file :slight_smile:

The test is done - how do I attach the file to this post? :confused:

You already attached it, I can see the scan just fine :clap:

PIEs (in blue) are very high, but still in spec for LiteOn (the “acceptable” max is 280).

PIFs (in red) would be kind of OK if it weren’t for those two high spikes (it’d be out of spec though, the “acceptable” max for PIFs is 4). Single spikes are said not to affect readability, though.

However, I’m no expert in deciphering scans :disagree: - which is why I said post future scans in the Blank Media Forum :wink:

Might want to try some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. :slight_smile:

Edit: aaarrrrggghhh, just noticed you scanned at Max speed - try it again at 4x :slight_smile:

Try also to scan @4x, the standard for this drive :slight_smile:

I will rescan the same disc at 4X. I will also scan a Verbatim (16X Hub Printable Glossy) and attach both when they are done.

Here is the same test as above, but done at 4X this time (it is a TDK disc):

And here is another scan, this time it is of a Verbatim 16X Hub Printable Glossy disk:

How do they look?

Those are much better! :clap:

I’m guessing the slightly elevated PIEs are due to the fact that the scanner is a 3S model (been awhile since I had my 3S drive, can’t remember what PIEs were like on that).

PIFs look great though :slight_smile: