Want to put MPEGs into DVDs

Hi! I’m pretty new to this whole burning world :rolleyes: but I’m gettin much better as days go by :D!!! But the problem I have now is that I want to turn all the music videos that I have on my computer and put them on a DVD which will be compatible to play on my player. If anyone can help me out with step by step instructions I will be grateful for life :bow: if you need know the software I currently have they are as follows:

Win XP SP2
DVD X Copy Platinium
DVD Shrink
DVD Decrypter
Nero 6

I hope someone can get back to me as soon as possible :slight_smile: !

Mpeg to dvd is different than dvd to dvd. To make DVDs you need to convert the files to dvd compatible mpegs and with a program like TMPGEnc DVD Author. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i use winavi/windvd creator2/ dvdsanta all 3 progs work great very easy to batch files or just one file worth a look at em :slight_smile: