Want to play PAL standard DVD on PC

I would love to play my PAL standard DVDs I have from russia on a regular PC. I thought VLC would do it but I am not having any luck with that. Does anyone have an idea of what program I would need to do this. If you know how to get VLC player to do it and can direct me on that, it would be great.



VLC should be able to play PAL dvds without issue…I mean, the guys who developed it are in a PAL country. Not sure what is going on in your case. Have you got a log file showing the error?

You can try a couple of other free players to see if you get the same problems. Media Player Classic can play dvds, and the newer spinoff player from the guys at doom9.org is called Media Player Classic Home Cinema

PC drives shouldn’t be affected by NTSC or PAL frame rates…I suspect a corrupt source or missing codec.