Want to name all of my music files in same format


I finally have added two additional hard drives; one internal and one external and now it is time to organize! I have music files in more than one place and I would like to organize them all in the same place with each file named in the same format. I’m not big on tags except for when I’m using a media player, such as Media Monkey. I just need to get the music named and organized properly - you get the idea!

Anyone aware of any free programs to do the job? Doing it myself will take a long, long time. :rolleyes:

Thank you for your suggestions.


try searching snapfiles.com/Freeware and download.com

You could try “Bulk Rename Utility”.
It is free and although it looks complicated, when you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad.

Don’t know what it’s like for music files thoughbut it’s definitely worth having a look at.