Want to move ITunes off C to external and other ?'s

Apologies in advance for the long thread. Some of the answers I have found by searching and going to google. But what’s happening is all the solutions I’m finding are not 'foolproof/easy.

So… let’s start out by saying this if for my brother who lives out of state and who does not know much about PC’s. He was given an ipod about 2 years ago and is using Itunes (version 1.0??? or at the least below 4.5) I know very little about ITunes because I will never own an Ipod. I simply don’t want to deal with DRM more than I have to.

His PC was happily chugging along and then he got around to converting his CD’s to MP3’s. He did the conversion’s not using ITunes but he did use ITunes to store the Libraryafter the conversion. (or file…is that a better description?).

He is running out of space so like a good brother I bought him a 200 gig external HDD and for ‘extra fun’ added about 5 gig of my music for him to listen to (These are from my CD’s).

The Problems: He had trouble explaining this to me.

When he moves my music into Itunes it loses some of the meta data he can see while it is in the windows file folder. But he had no clue what data as he was not at home when he called me so I am waiting to get specifics. This ‘missing data’ does not make sense to me. Has anyone experienced this with Itunes?

Then he decided it may be better to move the Itune files onto the larger external HDD but when he ‘tested’ this with a song it lost all his ITune tag info - like number of plays and star rating.

  1. I believe his goal is to move his ITunes onto the external HDD and keep all the tags and star ratings intact.

2.His secondary goal is to then import the MP3’s I have lent him into ITunes while keeping all the metadata viewable in Itunes.

Everything I have seen in searching involves going into folders and manipulating prefs and combining that with changing the Itunes.xml manually.

Is there any brainless programs - freeware not necessary - that will allow my brother to move Itunes easily and then also add my additional non-drm MP3’s (with their metadata viewable)?