Want to make copies of my movies straight from the external hard drive

Im trying to back up movies i have made copies of to an external hard drive. What is going to be the best way to do so? I have the external formatted and ready to go and i have serveral programs. Just want to make copies of my movies straight from the external hard drive, and want to know how i should go about it.

I suppose that these are DVD movie.

The best option is to use clonedvd or dvd shrink.

What do you mean you want it to where you can watch it? Like a AVI, MOV, or some other movie codec?

I have clone dvd and all the sly soft products…

I just want to take the dvd’s im burning and save them to the external hard drive, so that in the future when i make copies i can just burn them straight from the external hard drive to the computer…

I just don’t know what program to use and what optioins to use to make it easy and simple…

When you create a backup, clonedvd save some files (a set of ifo, bup and vob files) on your HDD, and then it burn these files on a disc.

You can save a copy of these files on your external HDD. No further software is necessary; simply save output files on the external drive. Obviously, create a separate folder for each movie :wink:

I understood it that way:

  1. You already have made backups of your DVDs (from DVD -> DVD).

Then you only want to copy them to your external HDD.
I would use DVDDecrypter to rip those Backups to the drive.

You have some backups on your internal HDD done with CloneDVD, Shrink, etc…
So just copy the output folder to the external HDD (as geno888 proposed).

Or take that folder on option #2 and open it with Shrink and save it to the External HDD as an ISO file. That way is ready to burn and minimize the chance of deleting a file within the folder. That’s what I do.