Want to make a dvd with more than 99 titles

i have 4 mini dvds from a samsung dvd camcorder. which i received from my aunt. the videos are of my now 1 yr old cousin. what i want to do is combine all 4 mini dvds to one regular dvd to play in stand alone dvd player.

so here is what ive done so far. i ripped the mini dvds with dvd shrink and burning with ImgBurn.

  1. ripped each mini dvd to ISO with out menu

  2. merged each 4 ISO’s to one ISO

  3. burned the final ISO using ImgBurn with Pioneer 115D and TYG02

  4. the resulting dvd will not play in 3 stand alone dvd players [continuous loading], using VLC [errors out], and will not open using ImgBurn [says no disc], DVDFab [crashes], AnyDVD [crashes], DVD Shrink [Overlapping I/O Error].

so i started think about why this was happening. then i remembered there was a maximum number of titles a properly authored dvd can hold. turns out this is 99 titles.

  1. well i have more around 120+/- titles.

  2. each title is 20 secs to 5 + minutes

is there a program i can open the Final ISO with and re-author to keep all titles? maybe combine some of smaller titles? i am actually lost with anything beyond the capabilities of DVD Shrink or DVDFab Platinum. :slight_smile:

i know i could just go through and delete some of the titles to reduce the total number to 99 or less. or i could split and use two dvds. :slight_smile: i really need just one dvd so is easier for family members. :slight_smile: also learning a new program or two along the way. :slight_smile:

I know that with DVDLab Pro you can make a dvd with 99 titles and each title can have 99 chapters. Each chapter can have a separate button to access it from your menu/menus, and can be played individually. This gives you a maximum of 9801 videos that can be played.

I think I might start over, and make 4 separate titles using the minidvds as the starting point. Make a chapter point for each video contained in the minidvds and put a button or image on your menu for the chapters. That would give you approx 30 or so chapters to deal with in each submenu.

I’m assuming each of the minidvds is already in dvd-video format. Lab Pro can import entire dvds, but I don’t work from disks or disk images. I’m normally importing mpeg2 elementary video and audio streams. You might have to mount your iso in a virtual drive or rip to files first.

Edit: There is a fully functional trial of DVDLab Pro—good for 30 days I think. And there are other authoring tools that can probably do this as well, like GUIforDVDAuthor, which is free.

I’m assuming each of the minidvds is already in dvd-video format.

yes, i have also ripped the mini dvds to video_ts folders using dvdfab customize mode no menus. however i do not have the discs anymore. they are on their way back to Florida, i am in Iowa. :slight_smile:

thank you for your reply. i will look at the suggested programs. :slight_smile:

You can probably join the clips using AVIDeMux, then author and add chapters in an authoring prog like GUI for DVDAuthor.