Want to keep windows XP Pro/Media center edition boot screen after SP2 - How?

hey all

after SP2 came out for windows xp, the first thing i noticed was that my version of windows was no longer marked as “Windows XP Professional,” it was now just “Windows XP”

same thing happened to my media center PC.

i want my old bootscreen back…i found StyleXP and would like to insert the old bootscreens into styleXP for use.

i do not care about the new bootscreen XP uses…it can rot in hell, be deleted, sacrificed, whatever…

if someone out there knows how to bring back the old bootscreen that proudly claimed my bragging rights, i’d appreciate it

thanx all


There is a boot.ini file in your C drive . It is hidden so enable Show hidden files and folder Plus uncheck Hide protected operating system files

and edit the name of ur windows xp to Windows XP Professional or what so ever

what files in the in the hidden c: do i use and how