Want to identify Manufacturer of DVD

Hi there,
I am new to the forum and wondering if anybody could help me.
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I have some DVD with the following IFPI code on the hub (plastic):


Can someone tell me who manufacture them?

Then, on the metal (master) I have the following IFPI:

IFPI LO52 (or L052)

Does anyone know who would have manufacture the stamper?

If nobody knows the answers, does anyone know if it’s possible to find that info somewhere?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Kinna stuck with a headache trying to read those small codes

Hi Kinna,
unfortunately list of SID codes is not publicly available, so it is quite hard to find out the manufacturers behind particular SID codes (IFPI xxxx).
SID code on the “master” belongs to master/stamper manufacturer, on the “hub” belongs to disc manufacturer.
Could you post us a serial and stamper numbers?
Your disc seems to be a prerecorded medium made by Dicentia A/S Finland (aka DCM Digital Communication Media AB/SDC Sandisk AS in the past).

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@ pepts,

The problem with these DVD (yes they aren’t blank but pre-recorded)… is that there is no stamper number (the usual alpha-numerical before the part number…but just a part number… DGT950009-1

Tks for your help!

You are welcome :flower:

There’s at least one list with SID codes:

[QUOTE=jleinenbach;2125809]There’s at least one list with SID codes:

Yeah, and there are some other incomplete and unofficial SID list, but it is impossible to get a list directly from IFPI (:rolleyes::a:Z), especially the list of SID codes assigned to recordable media manufacturers…:doh: