Want to go back to 111D

Hey, I crossflashed my DVR-111D to 111L but I am now burning dual layer and heard 111D is great at that. Any info on how to crossflash back to its original state?

There shouldn’t be any difference between the two for DL burning. If you want to go back to 111D anyway, get 1.19 or 8.19 (TDB Flasher w/Kernel) from here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DVR111D. Then you can update to 1.29 or 8.29 again (8.xx versions include auto-bitsetting for DVD+R). Compared to 111D, 111L includes DVD-RAM support and LabelFlash, so if you don’t use those features, there’s no reason to crossflash to 111L.

I think that the 111L has the same qualities for burning dual layer

There is absolutely no difference between D and non-D in case of DL burnings.