Want to go back a firmware with my 108

I put a firmware (1.18) on my Pioneer a few weeks back. All I wanted was the riplock removing. It appears that this has also removed the write speed limit and all discs can be burned at 16x. I was just changing it back down in Nero etc. However, in DVD Shrink it just starts the recording at 16x which I don’t want.
I’ve tried putting the new official Pioneer one back on but it fails because the existing one is not recognised.
Anyone help me with a forware that only has riplock removed?


Look here on the Gradius site,I used thev 1.18 RPC1 and riplock removed,because like you I did not want faster burns
http://gradius.rpc1.org/ :iagree:

Fantastic, thanks a lot ispy. :bow: :slight_smile:

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