Want to get one of the last real Plextor drives

I am looking for a Plextor DVD drive (writer) but I would like to get a ‘real’ Plextor as I have heard that some of the later drives are just rebadged models, while I expect that they could well be good drives in their own right I would like to get the real thing before they give up on selling to us.
Or do some of you thing that this is not such a good idea as there will not be any real support ?

I have not had much to do with their drives so dont really know what are the good ones to get, or what is needed over stuff that is not.

The main uses will be for making DVD’s and then the checking of them I use a few drives to do the same in my other computer and want to achieve the same thing with just one drive, or get as close to it as I can. Or am I wasting my time and the two drive solution is just better in the long run ?

Thanks for any input, I wanted to save myself some time where I expect I could get some of this information from the forums I thought I would just ask :slight_smile:

Even if support was to diminish the current crop already features mature firmware (we’re in the sixth revision already), so it wouldn’t matter much IMHO. Plextor brought a FW update for a four year old CD drive (3 years out of sale) just some months ago. So even if they reduce business I’d expect them to prrobably go on with support for the current drives for at least another year.

Get a 755 or 760. The extras of the 760 over the 755 are: 18x single layer vs. 16x, 8x -R DL vs. 6x, 16x DL-ROM reading vs. 12x.

Depends on what and how much you do. 2 drives can be more convenient depending on what you do. Also, using a two-drives-from-different-manufacturers approach is usually recommended since no drive is totally perfect and that way the drives can be selected in a way to cancel out each others weaknesses. Of course, this needs in-depth knowledge of the drives involved.
If you’re looking for a all-in-one approach, then a 755 or 760 only lacks DVD-RAM support. Otherwise you’ll be set.

I found the newer NEC drives to be good addition to the Plextors. They feature high reading speeds and DVD-RAM support.

Thanks, I spent a bit of time today reading and see that it looks like Plextor are not going away just scaling down.

Also the info on the 760 vs 755 is very interesting (thanks hwp) as it is most of the things that I do not use, I dont use DL disks, or have not had to so far, and I am happy running at the best speed over just going as fast as it can.

I am very happy with my LG/Lite0n combo, but the NEC, I am not happy with, and have moved it to another computer that just needed a CD drive and am using that Asus drive in my new box, and I would need to see something ‘very’ good from them to get another. The plan was just to try to have a one box solution, with the added abilities that the Plextor would bring. I could always add another drive at a later date to get anything covered that could be lacking.

Please explain what "Plextor Premium " is.
Is it a DVD-Writer or CD-Writer?
What are its functionality?
How is its reading and ripping quality?
Do they worth buying?