Want to get a true liteon, what to look out for?

After I lost touch since my last burner 2 yrs back, I bought a rebadged iHAS324-Y instead of the “A” model. (It did indicate a “Y” model but I overlooked it. Blame myself for not doing my homework)

This time I wanna get the iHAS524. What should I be looking out for? I read somewhere that only a true liteon is capable of the labeltag feature. So is that one of the main points to look out for? Also, the box should indicate “IHAS524-32 A” right? As in the picture below :

Should it have a “labeltag” and/or “liteon” logo on the front bezel? I just wanna make sure I get it right this time. Lastly, is this drive also known as the DH-24AAS? Thanks! :bow:

All iHAS524’s will currently be A variants (MTK chipset)

See here for other options and info: http://club.myce.com/f44/where-buy-mtk-ihas424-uk-311263/

i want to know is it safe to crossflash the iHAS 324 Y to it’s original optiarc ODD ?

It is safe, but it requires the firmware to be slightly modified.

The bootcode of the LiteOn and the Optiarc are slightly different (mainly identification strings) and there’s a checksum verification. If you are familiar with hex editors, take a look at bytes 0xc to 0xf (starting with 0x0)

yhnx liggy
i’ll look into it