Want to edit and change forum of post

RE http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=145060

  1. I want to edit my post but don’t see a “edit post” button even after logging in. Where is it?

  2. The post itself asks why my CD-RW software doesn’t detect my burner drive and it’s posted in the “General” forum. Should it have, instead, been submitted to the “CD and DVD Burner Software” forum? If so, how do I switch?

Thanks in advance.

Hi :slight_smile:
There’s a time limit on editing your post (can’t remember for sure but I think about 30 min)
You are more likely to get a response to your post in the second forum
Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the s/w so can’t help you on your original query
Try second posting
Good luck

Moved it for you.