Want to crossflash DRW-22B3L into PX-L871A



I have two ASUS DRW-22B3L drives which I use mostly for disc quality tests, one was crossflashed into iHAP422 W and other was crossflashed into iHAP222 W. I want to crossflash one of them into PX-L871A to use PlexUtilities but I can’t find neither official executable, nor binary dump. Could anyone please share official executable of firmware dump of this drive?

Thanks a lot in advance!


I don’t have a PX-L871A dump unfortunately, and I don’t think Plextor ever released a firmware update for this drive …

Could you post a DRW-22B3L dump if you’ve got one please?


Yes, of course:

Here are dumps of DRW-22B3L, DRW-22B3S and “DRW-22B2S b” drives which all are clones of iHAPx22 W series. Only “DRW-22B2L b” dump is missing, by the way :slight_smile: These drives were quite popular in Russian computer stores (except “DRW-22B2L b”, it seems) and I really like how do they burn and scan DVD media.


“Missing” dump of “DRW-22B2L b” drive:

Dumped it by myself from my “new” drive (I’ve exchanged one of my DRW-22B3L for “DRW-22B2L b”). Still looking for PX-L871A dump for crossflashing.