Want to copy protected stuff with MovieJack or DCS?

Here is the solution:



Thanks for the info! I’ve made a news item on this, read it here.

Has anyone really tried this yet…and results to post…I downloaded it…double clicked it…and did nothing…most patches you run…give you some sort of comfirmation…this acted like it was not a completely coded…:confused:

Hello Just ripped a few Dvds with MJ3

just down load fix from http://www.jackxxl.com/

click on on it twice when download nothing
happens but next time you start MJ3 you can rip copy protected DVD’s


numismatic :slight_smile:

There is a new version in www.jackxxl.com now:

"There are more MovieJack versions then I expected. :slight_smile: So I updated my patch today (October 2nd, 2003) to modify/support also “MovieJack for DivX”, “MovieJack DVD” and even the forthcoming version “MovieJack 3.5 (by the way, great piece of software!)”. "

Anyone knows what features will be in MJ 3.5? And whats MJ for DivX or MJ DVD?


There is a new version available, supports now also GameJack 5… www.jackxxl.com