Want to copy fear game noob

hey, i have been into copying dvd movies for a long time, but i just started gaming, and i wanted to copy the game f.e.a.r. , because you have to insert the disc when you want to play it and i dont want to wear out the original disc,…or have a heard about a way you dont have to have the disc?

i dont have any programs for game copying, yet,
im sure someone can get me up to speed

game copy world you can download the no cd dvd EXE and play it without the cd www.gamecopyworld.com

there is also a guide posted in cdfreaks on using alcohol 120, how to use emulation and the correct settings…you will still have to use a no cd exe. or antiblaxing program to play it…the no cd/dvd exe’s are the way to go.!!

ok ill try that…however i have been having problems updating the game…when i start it it says there is an update, so i hit yet, and download it, but then it says something like “unable to locate C:/installsheild…” my hard drive is on “I” so i dont know why it even looks there, …

also, just out of curiosity, is there a way to copy the game

Is it a the cd or the dvd version?

@ snaggs

No-cd/fixed exe patches are simply cracks, are illegal and not condoned on this forum. Please desist from advising other members to use them in future.

it is the CD version

Then see here for a non-emulation copy or here for an RMPS emulation copy.

Sorry for the Bad advise…did not think about that with that in mind… :o