Want to copy DVDs to my HDD and watch movies from it. How?

I have DVD decrypter software and it copies the movies, but nothing will play them. What program will I need to copy my movies onto my hard drive and be able to watch them like they were intended to be watched? I am not interested in burning, as I know how to do that. I am a Marine being sent to Iraq soon so I want to get some of my favorite movies on my laptop before I go. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Power DVD can do that. When you load Power DVD up you can select play from HDD, then you simply select the ifo file from the stored folder DVD Decrypter has made and wala.

good luck in iraq man

Real Player and Windows Media Player can play dvd files if you don’t want to spend any money.

If you want to copy movies to the hard disk, you most probably need to rip the movie. I use SmartRipper. With it, you have several options on the method to save the files (as a movie, files, or full backup) . Make sure to put the correct settings, removing protections, etc. Then you can play the files with any dvd player.

If you have ripped or removed Macrovision you should make a virtual DVD drive to save the movie in. Nero does this Alcohol also does this and others also. most players are looking for a DVD drive to play a DVD movie in but some software will play just files from folder.