Want to convert FLAC albums to V0 (VBR) using Foobar, what are the best settings?



I have a collection of FLAC albums on my computer that I ripped off my original CD’s and I was wondering what settings I should use to get the best sound quality possibly in the MP3 format. Right now the preferred bit depth is set to 16 (should I keep that setting?) and dither is set to “never”. One other thing is when I am about to convert an album should I use replaygain or not? If anybody can let me know if I’m already using the best settings or not let me know. Thanks!


Most important is to go high bitrate, I would suggest 320 kbs Variable if ur player supports it. Keep the depth standard which is 16 bit for a CD. Dither is tricky and you can read more about it on wikipedia, IMo it adds sub-hearing level background noise to the record, making lower - level signal restored by DAC in smoother more “analog” shape, thus decreasing low -level distortion; I would keep that setting default. Use replay gain if u want the same average dB level (volume) for all your songs in one compilation.
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Bit depth? Dithering? Don’t touch anything like that. FLAC files are perfect reproductions of the CD audio and the best thing to do would be to pipe the output straight from the FLAC codec to the LAME encoder.

You can use ALL2LAME or Multi Frontend (both frontends made by Speek) for this. All either program needs is FLAC.EXE and LAME.EXE in its folder.


The best settings under the mp3 format would be CBR 320. It would be highly inefficient compared to the -V 0 profile though.


True that. But seeing as GoldLP already mentioned using -V0 I didn’t feel it worth mentioning myself.