Want to convert all files to mp3 backup

Hello - i am slowly going crazy with this, there must be other people with this issue

I use sonos to listen to music, but previously i used itunes

i have used itunes to rip all my music into apple lossless.

i have also downloaded alot of mp3 and this is in my itunes folder.

I have a blackberry and it doesnt read apple lossless so i want to be able to select from all my music for this (media monkey does a random select)

for this i need to have all my files in mp3, so i want to create a backup folder on another drive, with all the mp3s i have aaaand the converted apple lossless.

what programme will go through the itunes folder, find the mp3s and copy them across, and find the apple lossless and convert them as it copies?

i have tried mediamonkey, but if there are any drm issues, it doesnt skip, it just stops - i need to be able to leave the computer to do this, there are 21000 songs

You would probably benefit from using product like dBpoweramp or Easy CD-DA Extractor. Heck, I think even iTunes should be able to batch convert your stuff to MP3… you just have to toggle the preferred method of encoding.

thanks, i will give them a go… thanks!

I used foobar2000 to batch convert a bunch of wmas to mp3s. It was the only converter I could find that would carry over the tags.