Want to check AD-5540A 2.01rpc1 fw

No stranger to using Liggy Dee’s auto fw, but just tried updating AD-5540A with 201bt_rpc1 and 201_rpc1 (not at the same time) and flash has always been successful. No errors at all. However, I don’t get DVD region tab at all and players are coming up with digital protection issues. Flash back to default 2.01 and region tab is back.

Strangely 201.7z doesn’t have auto. I notice that the 2.62fw has 262bt_auto, so just want to double check if it is ok to update default 2.01 drive to 262bt_auto for auto?


I only started implementing the auto reset patches quite late in my firmware patching time. So most of the older firmwares will not have such a patch.

In general you should be safe to flash any firmware, as long as Binflash does not give you a compatibility warning.

Great, thanks Liggy!

Just wanted to double check before going ahead, just in case there was a specific reason with 2.01 other than the timing reason.

I’d normally just flash up if they were all consistent, I must be getting more cautious with age! :wink: