Want to buy nec 3500 retail model - from where? - please help



after reading the forums i would like to add nec 3500 retail model along with my benq 1620. but i don’t know where to buy it from? i am in us of a. anyone help me.
also what firmware should i use with that, suppose i find a web site to buy it from?


Just get the 3520


3520 is oem and it got problems. 3500 is mature and i could use some firmware developed here. i need only retail version.


Go to OfficeMax and get one of these:


The 3520 doesn’t have any “problems” that you need to worry about, and it comes with software, so unless you can’t live without a pretty box there’s no difference.


where is the firmware for nec 3520?


It ran away over here. :slight_smile: