Want to buy a new dvd player that suports burn disks?

Want to purchase a new dvd player that suports dvd burnt disks. One that doesn’t skip scenes and is reliable in playing a full movie freshly burnt.
I bought one from big w for $56 recently, taking it back because it’s skipping scenes I have just noticed.
Can someone recomend a dvd player that can handle cheapo dvd disks also please.

I’m after a stand alone dvd player that plugs into the tv only?
Thanks anth

You can find players that are more tolerant to poor/cheap media and poor burns however its best to use decent media in the first place as your discs are going to be unreadable to the best of players within a short period of time, ‘cheap’ media isnt really that cheap is it, what’s cheaper getting it right first time or sitting reburning all your movies every year due to poor media?

Are you saying that a cheap dvd skips when played a couple of times?

cheap dvd’s on the whole degrade much faster than discs of a decent quality, they can potentially go bad within weeks sometimes even days.

Thanks for your advice Mr. Brownstone.
I’m just wondering why does this happen on cheap dvd disks? do they also affect software that is saved on cheap disks?

My dad bought a $39.00 GO-Video DVD/VHS player, and it plays everything that he throws in it. Whenever I have burns that have problems on my players, I have him test them. So far, his has played every single one, including my +RW burns. I have also heard that the cheap APEX model does well. You can find a lot of information about standalone DVD players, at www.dvdrhelp.com. If you do some searching there, they list which models seem to play the most different formats, and are the most forgiving with burned dvd’s.

thanks for the advice Harley 2 Ride

Can you play svcd’s? :confused:
I haven’t seen a GO-Video yet that does so what the model number?
Other then that I always recommend APEX cause they do. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had him try one yet. I’ll have to burn one and have him try it.

wether its a film or software its all 1’s and 0’s so yes, however if a disc with data on it goes bad the data can be unrecoverable whereas it may be possible to recover a dvd video but with a small amount of data loss which would probably show up as an artifact of some sort (however ive never had to do this but im sure its possible), if you have important files on cheap media i suggest you see if they are still readable and get them copied over to some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media etc sharpish.

“sharpish” :confused:

Here is a word I’ve never encountered, and that I can’t find in my english-french dictionary… would you enleighten me? :slight_smile:

basically it means quickly

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gordon bennet :doh:

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Thanks google… http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/164200.html :bigsmile:

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My pal just bought a $79 JVC that plays everything I’ve thrown at it, including PAL, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R/DL, DVD-RW, DVD+RW… just everything. SVCD, SVCD/DVD, etc.

It rocks… AND it’s a nice player from a respectable manufacturer.

i would go with the Philips DVP642. one of the best players out thier. damm thing plays everthing. even SVCD. cost around 60.00